As we celebrate Our Constitution and the immense contribution of the pillars of our National Movement, we should reflect upon the times we live in. We are witnessing a state-sponsored inequality manifesting itself in stark differences of income, societal status and access to resources of the state. An unprecedented attack on the deprived at large by relentless vigilantism, whose single point agenda is to fuel and play upon the existing societal divisions for their own vested interests. This has created unbearable agrarian distress for the rural hinterland and unacceptable economic disparities.

In recent times, Congress President, Rahul Gandhi has always reflected and believed that there are two Indias. In the last few years, the divide between these two very different India has been systematically exacerbated by a state which wants to keep this inequity alive. Lack of opportunities for the young is the single biggest causality of this phenomenon. Entrepreneurship of ordinary traders and small businesses are under a cloud on account of control by a handful of monoliths. Arbitrary policies have only added to their wounds.

Since the state is focusing its energies on building a propaganda machinery that seeks to disunite the socio-political fabric, it is unable to concentrate fully on important areas like National Security and securing our borders and coast lines.

To overcome these challenges, the Congress party is the only organization that can provide a harmonizing vision. The way forward lies in neutralizing our vast demographic dividend, channelizing the entire energy of the country in productivity, job creation and creating sync between the farmer, trader and the market with adequate revenue generation; which benefits all not one.Technology driven innovation and exploration, which is accessible to all is a vital tool in this transformation.

Expansion of the economy in a manner where the benefits percolates downstream in a more equitable manner rather than accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few should be the primary focus. Transparency and accountability should be the foundation on which this renewal will rest.Restoration of Institutional integrity is a key to this onward march. Respecting the integrity of our natural resources, forests and wildlife is as important as responding to human needs.

The Indian National Congress’s ideology is painted on a huge canvas that covers the entire humanity. The Congress party’s ideals are engrained in the well-being and advancement of the people of India and the establishment in India, by peaceful and constitutional means, in which there is equality of opportunity of political, economic and social rights and which aims at world peace and fellowship. Since thousands of years, this has been the bedrock of India’s philosophy. This has been the basis of Our Constitution too.

Let the instrumentalities of state work in convergence rather than in confusion.

Let cohesion, not confrontation be the cardinal policy of the state.

Let compassion, not conflict be the central principle of governance.

Let cumulation of ideas, not a command of a selected few be the final celebration of democracy.

With these thoughts, I wish you all, A Very Happy Republic Day!